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The Santander Consumer USA IPO

How one of the largest IPOs of 2014 used our platform to
include its dealers and employees in its IPO.

"If not for our dealers and employees, we would not have the success we have today.
That is why we are partnering with LOYAL3."

Tom Dundon

CEO, Santander Consumer USA

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In January of 2014, Santander Consumer USA, a leading vehicle financing company, launched a $1.5 billion IPO — making it one of the largest IPOs of 2014. Its primary brands are, Chrysler Capital and Santander Auto Finance.

The company wanted to use its IPO as both a branding tool and opportunity to thank its dealers and employees for their continued support.

Using LOYAL3 as a co-manager, Santander Consumer USA was able to do exactly that, while making history along the way.

Percent of IPO investors who held their SCUSA stock on day one
Percent of investors who were dealers and employees
Percent of investors who held their stock six months later

Creating An Industry First

"Being able to offer an IPO as large as Santander Consumer USA to individuals through social media was a huge step forward for the capital markets industry."
- Bill Blais, Executive Vice President, LOYAL3

Our team worked with Santander Consumer USA to help it personally invite stakeholders to the IPO. We also worked with them to design and launch an online campaign that spread word about the IPO. Journalists at the Wall Street Journal and Reuters recognized the innovative approach to the marketing campaign, calling it "A Sign of the Times".

Santander Consumer USA Case Study Video

The Santander Consumer USA Social IPO video is for demonstration purposes only; LOYAL3 does not recommend or solicit the sale of particular stocks.


"By partnering with LOYAL3, we were able to stay true to our values of providing equal access and strengthen our most important relationships."
— Tom Dundon, CEO, Santander Consumer USA

Through LOYAL3, Santander Consumer USA was able to express appreciation for key stakeholders, while also creating a more valuable shareholder. Employees and dealer-partners showed significantly higher hold rates than the public on day one of trading and six months later. The company was also recognized for its innovative approach to IPO marketing.

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