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The Dave & Buster’s IPO on LOYAL3

How the dining and entertainment chain opened their IPO to everyone

LOYAL3 co-managed Dave & Buster’s IPO, offering shares of its IPO to Dave & Buster’s
loyalty program members, team members, and to the market.

Dave & Buster's Case Study Video

"We wanted to communicate that we were a technology-forward company and one that embraces current technologies. We wanted to offer our shares to a broad audience and one that typically wouldn’t get access by typical conventional investment banking."
-Steve King, Dave & Buster's CEO

The Dave & Buster's Social IPO is for demonstration purposes only; LOYAL3 does not recommend or solicit the sale of particular stocks.
Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other issuers and are no guarantee of future performance or success.


LOYAL3 enabled over 3,400 people to participate in Dave & Buster’s IPO who otherwise would not have been able to. The results were a measurable increase in brand loyalty and spend intent:


Increase in Dave & Buster's Net Promoter Score *


Said they plan on spending the same or more with the company *


Held onto their stock 30 days after the IPO in September 2014

* Data based on LOYAL3 customer surveys sent to a random group of customers who purchased Dave & Buster's stock on our platform during the period 10/9/14 to 7/31/15.

Dave & Buster’s experience with LOYAL3 was so successful that they decided to partner with LOYAL3 again for their follow-on offering. Through LOYAL3, Dave & Buster’s allowed over 1,900 people to participate in the event.

"There’s a natural tendency to be loyal to things that you’ve invested in…when you combine someone who is both a guest of ours and an investor of ours, it just creates someone who is very loyal to the brand."
– Steve King, Dave & Buster's CEO

Working With LOYAL3

Prior to the IPO, LOYAL3 worked with the Dave & Buster’s team to create simple, branded communications. When the IPO opened, LOYAL3 managed the end-to-end enrollment, allocation, and share distribution process through its platform.

"It really wasn’t very hard for us to work with LOYAL3 and add them into the equation. [The platform was] very straight forward...We had a lot of input into what we did from a marketing standpoint, and I think it does distinguish you as your individual and unique brand to be able to do that."
– Steve King, Dave & Buster's CEO


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