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Showtime: AMC Theatres' IPO

The story of how we connected moviegoers with AMC in an unprecedented way

The AMC Social IPO is for demonstration purposes only; LOYAL3 does not recommend or solicit the sale of particular stocks.

AMC Case Study Video


"We're offering this exclusive employee benefit to our AMC Stubs members to express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty."
-Gerry Lopez, AMC Theatres CEO

For more than 90 years, AMC Theatres has been widely recognized as an industry leader for its unrivaled guest experience and focus on innovation–a tradition it wanted to preserve while going public in 2013.

As AMC's leadership team planned for their IPO, they quickly realized that the traditional IPO process would exclude many of the people who contributed to the company’s success. AMC partnered with LOYAL3 to ensure that its Stubs loyalty members, employees and guests had unparalleled access to its IPO, at the same price and time as Wall Street.

By partnering with LOYAL3, AMC was able to express gratitude to its most valued stakeholders, and their response was extraordinary.

Percent of LOYAL3 participants who held stock on day one of trading
Percent of AMC IPO investors on LOYAL3 that were Stubs loyalty program members
Percent of social media feedback that was positive or neutral

What We Did

"We worked closely with the AMC marketing team to create cross-channel initiatives that connected guests with their IPO in a brand positive, meaningful and innovative way."
-Stephen Klein, LOYAL3 Chief Creative Officer

Our in-house marketing and design teams developed an animated video, branded web pages, advertisements, posters, and tailored communications to invite people to invest in AMC’s IPO.

To accommodate each AMC stakeholder group, our engineers developed a cohort system that gave Stubs loyalty members and employees a chance to invest in the IPO one day before the public, as an added thank you.

What We Heard

AMC's leadership team was pleased by the positive feedback they received for including loyal guests in their IPO. The decision was applauded by investors and covered extensively across top news sources and social media.

On Social Media

In the News


"AMC Movie Fans Turn Shareholders as Loyal3 Opens Access to IPOs"

CNN Money

"AMC offers stock to loyal movie fans"
-CNN Money


"AMC IPO: From Silver Screen to Wall Street"


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