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Case Studies

Learn about the companies that have worked with us to provide access to their IPO.

"We stand for inclusion which is why we offered our sellers the opportunity to buy our IPO stock."

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"This was a great opportunity for us to give back to our employees and most loyal customers..."

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"We're offering this exclusive employee benefit to our stubs members to express our sincere gratitude for our loyalty."

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"We wanted to offer our shares to a broad audience, and one that typically wouldn't get access..."

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"It's the people who love our products who are the real heroes, so it made sense to include them..."

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"If not for our dealers and employees, we would not have the success we have today. That is why we partnered with LOYAL3."

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Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers or issuers and are not guarantee of future performance or success.

Recent deals

  • $379 Million IPO


    December 2013

  • $779 Million IPO


    July 2015

  • $108 Million IPO
    $224 Million Follow-On


    October 2014 / February 2015

  • $253 Million IPO

    October 2013

  • $2.6 Billion IPO

    October 2015

  • $67 Million IPO
    $74 Million Follow-On
    $114 Million Follow-On


    July 2014 / March & July 2015

  • $520 Million IPO

    April 2015

  • $491 Million IPO

    June 2014

  • $144 Million IPO

    October 2014

  • $2.0 Billion IPO


    October 2014

  • $279 Million IPO


    November 2015

  • $585 Million IPO

    November 2014

  • $180 Million IPO

    June 2015

  • $82 Million IPO


    July 2014

  • $353 Million IPO


    November 2014

A copy of the final prospectus for each IPO is available from LOYAL3 Securities, Inc. during the applicable prospectus delivery period.

Why work with us?

Brand your IPO.

Turn the quiet period into a branding event. Create and digitally distribute branded IPO content during the roadshow.

Increase loyalty and spend.

Net Promoter Scores increase 19 points on average, with greater than 94% anticipated increase or equal spend*.

Gain valuable shareholders.

Increase your shareholder retention (96% of affinity investors hold their shares after day 1; 85% hold after day 30).**

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a standard loyalty metric based on how likely a person is to recommend the company to a friend. Statistics based on surveys sent to random groups of LOYAL3 customers who purchased stock on our platform through 7/31/15.

**Average of all IPO affinity purchasers through 7/31/15 who held shares during the specified holding periods.
Affinity investors represent issuer employees, customers, partners, etc.

What We've Seen

Retail distributed for
the Virgin America IPO
Raised for the
Of affinity investors
hold end of day 1 **

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