Grow Sales 54%
Increase Referrals 107%
Cut Shareholder Support Costs in Half

Introducing the world's first Social Stock Plan™.

Sell your stock directly to more people, converting consumers, stakeholders and fans into your most powerful shareholder evangelists.

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Ownership Changes Everything®

When individuals own your stock, great things happen.

Owners Are More Valuable

Ownership changes people's behavior. Owners spend more, refer more and visit more often than non-owners.

Owners Are More Engaged

Eighty three percent of consumers say ownership affects their buying decisions.

Source: Bain & Company, Industry Standard.

We've built our business on the principle that people care more about things they own than things they don't.

Companies have long used ownership to align and motivate management and employees. Now, with a LOYAL3 Social Stock Plan™, companies can turn everyone - consumers, employees, stakeholders and fans - into owners. And as with employees, reap the ownership benefits of alignment, motivation, engagement and loyalty.

  • Simple and easy.

    Makes buying stock as easy as buying a product on the web.

  • Invest as little as $10.

    Makes ownership possible for everyone.

  • Pay no fees, really.

    Broadens access and attracts new shareholders.

Individual Investors Are Loyal

An individual investor holds your stock an average of 5 years, and 36% of them hold your shares over 7 years. A Social Stock Plan™ makes it easy and affordable for more individuals to become long-term shareholders, increasing the demand for—and stability of—your shares.

Source: Opinion Research Corp.

Who It's For

For companies that are public, or looking to go public, LOYAL3 provides value across the enterprise.

Acquiring new consumers while deepening engagement with existing ones is the ultimate challenge. While there are more tools at your disposal, they often focus on measuring "sentiment" rather than changing behaviors. And more tools means more clutter to the end user, intensifying pressure on marketing to create break-out strategies.

With a Social Stock Plan™, CMOs can monetize their social strategies. Ownership is the Ultimate Like, with powerful consumer economic metrics to prove it.

  • Forge a deeper engagement with consumers through ownership, the world's first behavioral currency. Owners spend more and visit more, generating a measurable ROI.
  • Create highly-engaged and self-selecting brand ambassadors who refer 107% more than non-owners, driving new consumer acquisition.
  • Know your shareholders' names and emails, which can be incorporated as part of your existing marketing programs. Market products and special promotional offers directly to your owners, your biggest evangelists.

Companies are challenged as institutions increase their stock holdings. While this may be easier to manage, it's not an optimal structure – share concentrations cause volatility, and institutional investors often “short” stock. IROs are being challenged to develop strategies to protect against "shorts" and concentrations, including attracting and managing retail shareholders more cost effectively.

A Social Stock Plan™ enables IROs to attract, manage and communicate with retail shareholders, as easily and efficiently as an institutional shareholder.

  • Manage retail shareholders as a single registered shareholder, decreasing annual support costs by up to 50%.
  • Identify and communicate electronically with shareholders, and for the first time capture individual shareholder data.
  • Make it easy and affordable for "buy and hold" investors to become shareholders.
  • Manage retail shareholders hassle-free, as LOYAL3 provides live customer support.

LOYAL3 vs. Traditional DSPP

Attract and manage retail shareholders as easily as an institution. With LOYAL3, all retail shareholders = just one registered shareholder.

Compare: LOYAL3 DSPP
Number of Steps 3 easy steps. 6.5 on average.
Transaction Fees No. Yes.
Minimums $10. $50 or more.
Forms of Payment Use credit or debit cards or checking account. Only bank account.
Brand Continuity Yes. No.
Issuer Servicing Costs Pay service costs for 1 investor Pay service cost for every investor.
Participant Analytics Yes. No.
Stock Rewards™ Yes. No.

* A select group of financial firms offer plans with a $25 minimum, so long as the user signs up for automatic electronic investment.


Social Stock Lite™ (SSLite)

The low-cost, fully transparent way to attract and manage retail shareholders as easily as you'd manage an institution. They're your shareholders, you deserve to know who they are.

With Social Stock Lite™, all your retail investors equal one registered shareholder. Our sophisticated technology and service platform cuts shareholder support costs in half. Investors buy your stock in 3 easy steps, and invest as little as $10, either one-time or monthly. They can even use a credit card for pre-set amounts.

The platform includes a Know Your Shareholder™ data engine providing a direct window into your shareholder base, including names and email addresses.

Social Stock Plan™ (SSP)

The SSP platform enables companies to use stock as a unique promotion. By using stock ownership as a reward, companies gain the advantages of a promotion, without being forced to “discount” the brand. In fact, Stock Rewards™ becomes the world’s first brand positive promotion.

In addition, the SSP platform also enables companies to use loyalty points as a stock ownership redemption option. Now loyalty program members can use their points to purchase stock, differentiating loyalty programs, while creating a more valuable and loyal consumer.


LOYAL3 enables pre-IPO companies to sell their IPO stock to individuals on Facebook and the Web – creating a new channel of high affinity investors.

These investors have less of an inclination to "flip IPO shares," and in fact, 80% indicate they will hold IPO shares at least 1 year. They will also provide after IPO share demand, as 82% indicate they will buy additional shares within 12 months of the IPO.

A Social IPO democratizes the process, making it easy and affordable for more individuals than ever to participate in an IPO, creating more share demand and increased consumer and shareholder loyalty for your IPO and your brand.

Source: Opinion Research Corp.

Compare: SSLite SSP Social IPOs
All Users = 1 Shareholder
100% Electronic
Live Customer Support
Social Media Sharing Options
Ability to provide offers and promotions to LOYAL3 users
User Email
User Demographics
User Investment
S-3 Created by LOYAL3
Leverage the “Loyalty Effect” of Ownership
Increase Brand Engagement
SSP Marketing to Increase Participation
Custom Branding Messaging, Promotions, and Videos
Full Integration with your Facebook Page and Website
Gift Stock for Preferred Consumer Behaviors
Integrate with Rewards/Loyalty