IPOs For All

Until now, only institutions and their large investors had access to IPOs. We're making it possible for more people to participate, no matter the size of their wallet. IPOs present special risks. Read more about investing risks here.

Social IPO Platform

Through the LOYAL3 platform, people investing as little as $100 can access IPOs at the same price, and the same time, as the Big Guys. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Social IPOs level the playing field. What is an IPO?

3 Easy Steps

If you buy products online, now you can buy IPO stocks.

No Fees

Pay no fees to buy or sell stock. 100% of your investment
goes toward IPO stock. No hidden fees.

Why No Fees

LOYAL3'S CEO explains why we don't charge fees to buy or sell stock. No minimum account balances (excluding IPOs).

How It Works

Start With $350 Minimum Balance

To participate in an IPO, you must open a LOYAL3 account and transfer in the $350 minimum balance from your bank account. This minimum balance is owned by you, and can be used toward the purchase of IPO stock, or any stock on the LOYAL3 platform. You can transfer available LOYAL3 account balances to your bank account at any time.

Sell Easily

We accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, we batch all of the orders and typically execute them once daily. It's important to note that orders are not handled on a real-time basis and are subject to intraday cutoff times. The value of what you purchase may go up or down, and you may lose some or all of your investment. You place your buy and sell orders from your LOYAL3 account page. Fractional shares may be sold only when you sell your entire position. More about Batch Trading

Batch Trading

Batch Trading is a process in which trade orders are collected and then executed all at the same time. There may be an occasion, e.g., during a high volume trading day, when two or more execution batches occur. LOYAL3 utilizes this process to provide an efficient way to execute a high volume of potential fractional share orders. Sell orders received before 2:00 pm ET will be batched and executed that day, and orders received after 2:00 pm ET will be executed after 2:00 pm ET the following day. This may increase investment risk in a volatile market given that the price at the time you placed your order may differ significantly from the price you receive, which may result in high profits or losses. Because we use batch trading, our platform may not be appropriate for short-term investors who wish to "time" their sell orders.

Check Your Account Anytime

You can access your LOYAL3 account 24/7, so it's easy to find out how much stock you own and how much it's worth anytime you want. Value is based on latest market closing prices. In addition, you'll receive monthly online statements summarizing your LOYAL3 Account activities and holdings.

Military Grade Encryption

LOYAL3 understands the importance of keeping your data safe and secure. LOYAL3 uses the same high levels of encryption as the military to protect your sensitive data.

Privacy Policy

We will not provide your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes without your permission. Privacy Policy

How We Compare


In the past, IPOs were exclusive, available mostly to institutions and their largest investors. It simply was not possible for the vast majority of people to get access to, or afford to, participate in IPOs. IPO companies were limited to a narrower base of investors, and the number of funded IPOs has declined over the past decade.


LOYAL3's proprietary technology is designed to open up IPO access to large numbers of participants. With LOYAL3, more people than ever can invest small amounts in IPO stock, at the same price and time, as the Big Guys. IPO companies benefit as the LOYAL3 platform can uniquely scale millions of users per IPO, creating a large new source of capital.