Invest in follow-on offerings at the same price and time as Wall Street.

What is a Follow-On Offering?

A follow-on offering is when a public company, already listed on an exchange, issues new shares to investors. The general public has typically not had access to these offerings, but LOYAL3 is changing that.
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Follow-On Pricing

Follow-on shares are frequently, but not always, offered at a modest discount from the closing market price on the day of the transaction. In some cases, you may receive shares at a higher price than the public stock.
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Follow-On Process with LOYAL3

When you participate in a follow-on with LOYAL3, you select the maximum amount you wish to invest and wait for pricing. You can cancel at any time before the end of the two-hour decision window, which begins once final pricing is announced.

Limited Shares Available

In a follow-on, shares are limited and you may receive less than you request during the enrollment process. You only pay for shares you receive.

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