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We don't charge fees to buy or sell stock. No minimum account balances (excluding IPOs).

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With LOYAL3, every dollar you invest goes toward stock, not fees.

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We're making ownership available to everyone. There are no fees to buy or sell stock. No minimum account balances. IPOs require a $350 cash balance, but unused funds can be withdrawn at any time.

Why No Fees  

* as of February 18, 2014

Pricing is for equity trades and comparisons do not include special offers, such as opening of a new account. With LOYAL3, you are limited to purchases of $10,000 per IPO and $2,500 per non-IPO stock per month, transactions are traded with other orders in batches so that you will not receive real-time pricing, and the number of stocks available on our platform is limited.

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LOYAL3 uses military grade encryption to protect your data.
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